Kate Winslet Narrates Anti-Bullying Animated Short Film

kate winslet

Kate Winslet is taking a stand against bullying, serving as narrator for a short animated anti-bullying film for kids!

According to PEOPLE, the actress was approached by writer/director Galvin Scott Davis to narrate the short film entitled Daisy Chain. After hearing that his own son was being picked on at school, Galvin encouraged his son and the bully to work on a series of comic books together that became Daisy Chain. The short film is a whimsical story featuring hand-drawn animation about a young girl who is bullied, and through the help of a friend she learns to create a “daisy chain” so strong that even her bullies can’t break it down.

Kate was the perfect fit for this film because she herself was bullied growing up. Now, the actress uses her influence to help others build up their self-esteem and confidence.


Along with the short film, Daisy Chain is also an illustrated book, an App and character figurines. It’s such a cute story, and perfect for parents and teachers to use to talk about bullying with their younger kids!

Check out the short film below!


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