VIP EXCLUSIVE: Toby Keith’s Wife Tricia Covel Talks Golf, Red Solo Cup Parties And OK! Korral


A couple that has a passion for making a difference is country crooner Toby Keith and his wife Tricia.
The Schooner Fall Golf Classic took place last weekend and raised funds for Country Music star Toby Keith’s OK Korral for pediatric cancer patients at the Belmar Golf Club in Norman, OKlahoma. Presented by Swingdish, The Schooner Golf Classic included 12 teams of collegiate women golfers who have been invited from schools around the county to participate in the tournament and to visit the children at the OK Korral.

The Toby Keith Foundation has been helping children with cancer since 2006 and continues its services through partnerships with hospitals, caregivers, foundations and civic groups.

On Friday night, the ladies attended a Welcome Party at the private home of Toby and his wife Tricia, (who is the designer of the Swingdish apparel) with performances by “Supersonic Love Club,” karaoke and more. One senior athlete from each school was selected to walk in a runway fashion show to showcase the stylish designs from Swingdish. had the chance to interview Toby Keith’s wife Tricia about OK Kids Korral, their parties at home and golfing. Check out the interview below:

CDG: Toby you have been an advocate for fighting pediatric cancer since 2006. What events and life experiences motivated you to start the OK Kids Korral?

Tricia: We have a close friend that lost their daughter just before she turned 3 to cancer. We saw first hand how important the lodging facility was to the family when they took her for treatments. So we focused our attention on providing such a facility in our hometown.


CDG: You have been doing the Toby Keith and Friends Golf Classic for 12 years now and now the Schooner Golf Classic for three years. What inspired you to use golf as a fundraising effort and why do you think it has been so successful year after year?

Tricia: We own a golf club, and we know that golf outings are an easy way to get people to donate and get involved.

CDG: Tricia, we hear you are an amazingly talented designer. Please tell us a little bit about your inspiration for SWINGDISH.

Tricia: I was tired of the lack of product for the ladies. It reminded me of smaller versions of men’s wear, so I thought I could add something to that market.

CDG: What I think is really awesome is you have a huge welcoming bash at your home before the big event. I can’t even imagine being invited to a Toby Keith party! Not sure I could handle it. HA! So does a Toby Keith home party really consist of red solo cups?

Tricia: Absolutely, as all of our parties do!

CDG: I can only imagine! HA! I heard that you invite some of the top collegiate women’s golf teams in the US to participate in the golf classic. We are all curious to know who did win the golf classic this year?

Tricia: Oklahoma State. This is their second win in three years.

CDG: How can we support the OK Kids Korral?

Tricia: Locally, you can donate time and services, and we always accept financial donations, or you can go to the web site…

CDG: Tricia, where can we find your SWINGDISH fashion line?

Tricia: The current collection is the Spring/summer ’16, but it is being sold to various clubs and retailers across the US, and online at

CDG: What’s next for Toby Keith and family?

Tricia: We are winding down a crazy year, and preparing for the arrival of a new granddaughter.


  1. Such a great interview & I love their contribution in doing a great service to help kids with cancer. Sounds like a great organization giving back to the society for a great cause.

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