Olivia Wilde Promotes Revlon LOVE IS ON Million Dollar Challenge for Charity


Revlon Global Brand Ambassador Olivia Wilde is encouraging people to donate to women’s health focused charities in the Revlon LOVE IS ON Million Dollar Challenge!

Stars like Olivia, Christina Applegate, Emma Stone, Halle Berry and Patrick Dempsey are helping to create awareness and raise funds for charities through the challenge. Over 100 charities, whose work raises funds and awareness for Women’s Cancers, Heart Disease, or Diabetes, will be competing via CrowdRise to see who can raise the most money over six weeks. The winner will be awarded $1 million from Revlon, in addition to any money raised during the challenge (this is the biggest reward in CrowdRise history!). Other charities that will be a part of the challenge include Christina’s Right Action for Women, Patrick’s Dempsey Centerand the Carol M Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, in tribute to Alec Baldwin’s mother, Carol.

The challenge kicked off on September 21st and has raised closed to $170,000!

Check out Olivia’s message about the challenge below, and be sure to donate what you can!







  1. I am all for donating to women’s health focused charities. It is great that these celebrities are donating their time to raise awareness to these great causes.

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