Tyra Banks Talks Her Goofy Fitness Method And Personal Motto


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Tyra Banks, supermodel-turned-mogul who created (and executive produced) the hit reality series “America’s Next Top Model” now has her own beauty line, Tyra Beauty. Next up? The queen of fierce hosts a panel of lifestyle experts on her new talk show, FABLife, premiering on September 14th. Read on to find out what you’ll always find in her fridge, her personal motto and her favorite family recipe.

Tyra’s goofy fitness method: “[I stay fit by] eating ice cream and saying I’m gonna work out (I’m not fit. My booty jiggles even when I’m not moving).”

What’s in Tyra’s closet: “Lotsa strong bras to hold up my bodacious boobies.”

Tyra’s empowering personal motto: “You say I can’t do it? Watch me!!!”

What Tyra will always care about: “Making women look and feel beautiful.”

If there were an extra hour today: “[I would] take a nap and hopefully dream I was at Disneyland.”

What Tyra just learned about her heritage: “I’m 14% British, 6% Native American, 1% Finnish, and all the rest African.”

Tyra’s bad habit: “Saying ‘actually’ too much.”

What you’ll always find in Tyra’s fridge: “Kale & BBQ Sauce.”

Tyra’s favorite family recipe*: “My Great Grannie’s coffee cake.”

*Get the recipe to Tyra Banks’s Great-Grannie’s Old-Fashioned Coffee Cake here!

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