Nicki Minaj Visits Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Nicki Minaj warmed the hearts of the patients at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia last week with a surprise visit!

According to Billboard, the rapper collaborated with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation chatting with the kids about her art, the importance of education, and even what kind of toppings she likes on her pizza!

Nicki admitted to them that she thought she was going to be be a soap opera star, because her mom always watched soaps around the house. However, she began doing music, trying to prover herself to a girl in her neighborhood with this elementary rhyme: Cookie’s the name, chocolate chip is the flavor / suck up my style’s like the cherry life saver.”


Watch highlights from Nicki’s visit here.

That was very cool of Nicki, especially since she’s in the middle of touring right now. I love how she always stresses the importance of education to her fans as well. It’s great that she was able to surprise them!

Image via The Ryan Seacrest Foundation

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