LeBron James Announces Scholarship Program at University of Akron


LeBron James has announced that he will partner with the University of Akron to provide college scholarships to inner-city kids in the area!

According to the university’s website, LeBron and President Scott Scarborough spoke to over 6,000 students and parents in “I PROMISE” Network, which falls under the LeBron James Family Foundation.

Dr. Scarborough said in a speech to the attendees:

My grandfather unlocked the door to the America Dream, then held it open for others in our family. He paid for us to go to college. I got to where I am today because I stand on the shoulders of that good man. LeBron James is offering all of you the same opportunity, and he has pretty big shoulders – if you’ve ever stood next to him you know what I mean.

“We are proud that we have formalized our long partnership with his Foundation and that we have extended scholarship opportunities to all of you, his kids. That means that if you work hard and stay on track, your college education will be financially covered. For all of you AND the next four classes that enter the program.”

In addition to this amazing scholarship, professors at the university will work with LeBron’s foundation to become mentors for the kids involved. The College of Education will also be renamed the LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education, the president announced, to “to symbolize our commitment to his promise, his kids, the American Dream and our hometown of Akron.”

What an incredible opportunity! LeBron is no stranger to charity work and good deeds, but this is truly awesome. Kudos to him and his team, as well as the University, for giving these kids the chance to further their education.

Image via University of Akron



  1. I love this–education is the key to lifting those children up and for them to get bigger and better jobs. Everyone deserves a chance as long as they work for it-which these kids obviously will be. I salute Lebron James!

  2. Oh wow great job to LeBron! This is an excellent opportunity for those kids and to have someone like him believe in them is just what they need. I worked one summer at a camp for inner city kids and this is exactly what they need. Good for him for standing up and making education attainable!

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