Kyle & Chris Massey Play Ball During Special Olympics Unified Sports Experience Football Game


On Tuesday, American actors, rappers and Starkey Hearing Foundation ambassadors Kyle and Chris Massey competed in the Special Olympics Unified Sports Experience Football (soccer) Game at UCLA Campus, University of California, Los Angeles amongst a total of 120 participants – 60 Unified Sports Experience athletes and 60 Unified Sports Experience guests.

The Unified Sports Experience Football Game connects people both on and off the field by encouraging everyone involved to reject stereotypes, prejudices and misconceptions, and replace them with an attitude of inclusion, acceptance and diversity.

Representing Starkey Hearing Foundation, Kyle joined team “Reach Up,” competing against Chris’ team “Respect” during the first round. Running alongside Chris on team “Respect” was professional snowboarder and Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson.

Both on and off the field, Kyle and Chris shared inspiring moments with Special Olympics athletes and Unified Sports Experience guests, including former decathlete and Olympic gold medalist Rafer Johnson, professional football player Dale Moss, professional snowboarder and Olympic gold medalist Hannah Teter, actor Geoff Stults (7th Heaven, The Odd Couple) and more.

Following the game, Kyle and Chris Massey were awarded Special Olympics medals alongside their team members.


Starkey Hearing Foundation is the official Healthy Hearing partner of the Special Olympics Summer Games. The Foundation provides hearing screenings and free hearing aids to all Special Olympics athletes in need during the games.



  1. Something so simple means a lot to the kids. I love seeing people when they give back like this especially celebrities. A job well done for sure.

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