Audra McDonald Raising Money for Covenant House with Special Gifts


Audra McDonald is raising money for charity by offering special gifts to fans and supporters!

According to Yahoo! Celebrity, the actress has come up with several prizes to continue to raise $25,00 for organization Covenant House, which assists homeless and runaway youth.

Some of the special prizes include a get-together with Audra over hot chocolate for one person and a guest at NYC restaurant Sardi’s (complete with a special private performance), for a price of $2,250!

For $1,000, Audra will deliver a singing telegraph over the phone. For $250, you get a signed copy of her CD Go Back Home.A $500 donation gets you a video message, with Audra even planning to help out with any love proposals. “If you want help proposing to someone, maybe I’ll send the proposal for you,” she said. “Or if there’s someone special you always wanted to ask out, maybe I can help.” For $100, she’ll tweet a personalized thank you, and for $50, she’ll recognize you on her Facebook page. All of these prizes are in hopes of raising $25,000 for Covenant House by Aug. 12.

Audra became interested in the organization after watching Covenant House staff welcome a homeless youth into their shelter. “My heart broke open,” she said, after she found out more about the charity. “All of a sudden, I felt like, ‘I need to be a part of it.'”

On Nov. 19, Audra plans to join a candlelight vigil in Times Square and join members of the theatrical community in sleeping on the streets in solidarity. The hot chocolate meet-up will happen that day, followed by a tour of Covenant House and the private performance.

I commend Audra for her effort! I truly hope that she is able to meet her fundraising goal for the organization.

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  1. Wow – way to go to her. This is such a fantastic charity and they help those who really need it the most. Way to go Audra! I wish more people would do this.

  2. Audra McDonald is an outstanding person. I think Covenant House is a charity my grandfather used to support before he passed. Such a great cause.

  3. I love to see celebrities influence other to do good. Celebrities have a lot of influence since many people look up to them. Way to go Ms McDonald.

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