Ne-Yo Hosts Annual Future CEO Academy For Teens


Ne-Yo recently hosted his annual Future CEO Academy summer camp for teens!

According to Rolling Out, the camp, held at Georgia Tech this past weekend, hosted 50 teens currently in foster care and group homes under Ne-Yo’s foundation, the Compound Foundation. This wasn’t your typical camp though! This was actually a six-day entrepreneurship training program where teens learn the ins and outs of business from other entrepreneurs. The teenagers were taught about the importance of social media and marketing, financial literacy, as well as how to deliver a business pitch presentation.

In addition to these valuable lessons, the students received college counseling, were taught how to dress for success, and learned about higher education and various career paths for their futures. The students of the academy were then able to participate in an elevator pitch contest, with one student being awarded a $10,000 college scholarship.

This is incredible of Ne-Yo and his team to continue to do! Learning these valuable skills at a young age will definitely help these teens in a major way. Kudos to them!

Image via Thaddaeus McAdams/Rolling Out


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