Join Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson & Give Poverty the Boot!


“Live Original”—that is the motto Sadie Robertson—of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”—lives by and encourages her fans to follow. Sadie Robertson will collaborate with Roma Boots, a company that complements the American beauty’s values by being both philanthropic and stylish, to design a collection of rain boots with her “Live Original” flair. The collection is now available for pre-order at

When Samuel Bistrian decided to merge his knowledge of retail fashion with his passion for humanitarian efforts, Roma Boots was founded. Having grown up in impoverished, communist Romania, Samuel constantly sought to give back. As a contributor to conscientious consumerism, Roma Boots is a ‘buy one, give one’ company that donates a pair of boots to a child in need for each pair sold. The company has been able to donate tens of thousands of Roma Boots over the last four years in 20 countries on four continents. Additionally, ten percent of all Roma Boots sales go towards cultural and educational initiatives.

Roma Boots are multi-weather boots made of natural rubber with soft cotton lining in a fair trade factory. Both functional and fashionable, they are waterproof, comfortable, slip resistant, and eco-friendly. Available in a wide variety of vivid, solid colors, the Sadie Robertson collection introduces a new look that will boast vibrant floral designs.


The Sadie Robertson “Live Original” Collection will launch in October. A pair of Roma Boots is a fun and fashion-forward necessity for your socially conscious self, friend, or family member. The collection is available for pre-order at Roma Boots can also be found in more than 300 boutiques and regional stores around the U.S. Roma Boots are also sold internationally in the U.K., Japan, South Korea, and Germany.

Roma is amor and amor means love. Samuel kept this in mind when he founded Roma Boots with the mission of “Giving poverty the boot!” through aid and education. Since its inception in 2010, Roma Boots has received attention from national and international publications as well as Hollywood celebrity support. Join Roma Boots and Sadie Robertson in “Giving poverty the boot!”

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