Brooke Burke-Charvet Kicks Off ‘Summer Love It’ Tour to Donate Lunches


Brooke Burke-Charvet has teamed up with Hillshire Farm to kick off the “Summer Love It” tour to give lunches to those in need!

According to, the kickoff event was hosted on July 23 at Navy Pier in Chicago with Brooke in attendance. After donating 500,000 lunches this past February, Hillshire Farm is also partnering with #HashtagLunchbag, which is dedicated to creating bagged lunches for those in need. The tour is set to last two months with stops throughout the country! Those who stop by will get a taste of Hillshire Farm has to offer, but will also allow those who need a meal to receive one.

“We saw a tremendous response for the ‘Love It’ or ‘We’ll Eat It’ guarantee enabling us to donate 500,000 lunches to those in need,” said Megan Huddleston, director of Hillshire Farm. “Through the ‘Summer Love It’ tour we are once again empowering consumers with more ways to show their love for Hillshire Farm Naturals lunchmeat, while also giving back and doing good for the community.”

So great that Check out a video promoting the tour below!

Image via ModernMom

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