Ryan Cabrera Will Host Another Small Concert for Charity


Ryan Cabrera is hosting another great concert to benefit charity today (May 31)!

According to Us Weekly, the show, part of Ryan’s longtime “Live from Ryan’s Living Room” concert series, starts at 3 p.m. PST today. It will feature music from Evan Ross, Chord Overstreet, and The Ready Set, as well as numerous DJs and a comedian, all to benefit charity! “It’s growing, it’s changing too,” Ryan said of the concert series. “It’s gotten to where I’m trying to fit everybody in in 3 hours!”

Anyone can watch the show through streaming service Stageit by purchasing a $10 ticket here! The proceeds of ticket prices have most recently went to a different charity each show, and this time will go to Face Forward L.A.

“I’ve done everything to building homes, to helping kids, to helping single moms who can’t afford things for their babies,” Ryan explained. “Face Forward L.A. is helping reconstruct [the faces of] battered and abused women – it’s a great cause. I try to spread the love across the board as far as trying to hit as many charities as I can!” Of choosing Evan to perform, the singer added, “I’ve been waiting for Evan to finally put out his music,” he admitted. “I’m like a proud papa watching him come out and be so talented!” The duo even has a song together on Ryan’s upcoming album, which will be released this fall.

This is definitely something unique and cool of Ryan to do!

Image via Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Samsung

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