First Lady Michelle Obama and Ciara Promote ‘Reach Higher’ Initiative in Detroit

ciara-signing day

First Lady Michelle Obama and singer Ciara joined together  for the first-ever citywide College Signing Day as part of the First Lady’s Reach Higher initiative in Detroit, Michigan.

According to The YBF, First Lady Obama and Ciara appeared and spoke to students, encouraging them to enroll and graduate from a higher education institution. The event was a part of the First Lady’s Reach Higher initiative, which is a social movement to inspire young people to complete their education beyond high school.

Mrs. Obama shared her own experiences to the audience saying,

“So here’s my message: If I can do it, man, so can you.  I am like you! There’s no magic here. I didn’t get here because I was rich or famous or had important people looking out for me. I got there because I worked hard. And if you got into college, you have everything you need to get through college.  If you all do all this, you will succeed.  I know you will. You will get that degree. And with that degree you will have the key to building the life of your dreams. This is the answer.”

Ciara also added, “Dreams are possible if we believe. Your dreams really start and end in you. Where you can go in life really starts with you.”

A great initiative indeed! It may be corny and played out, but the youth really are the future. I hope that many of them pursue secondary education, and become the best that they can be for the sake of our world.

Image via The YBF

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