Dwyane Wade Launches Live To Dream Summer Reading Program for Kids


Dwyane Wade is set to launch his Live to Dream Summer Reading Program at Marquette University this summer!

According to Black Celebrity Giving, the program will bring together second and third graders from Milwaukee neighborhoods. 60 students will be taken to campus five days a week for two hours to receive tutoring from June 15-July 24. Testing is being conducted to find out who will benefit best from this summer reading program.

Under Dwyane’s Wade World’s Foundation and Marquette’s Hartman Literacy and Learning Center, the program will help these kids to receive invaluable critical reading skills, expanding their vocabulary, comprehension, and word recognition. The students will also join with Marquette’s College of Education to take pictures of their neighborhoods, and create a collage to hang in the college’s hallway.

“Children who attend the Hartman Center’s after-school reading program during the academic year make important reading gains,” said Kathleen Clark, Director of the Center and the College’s Associate Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership. “We are so pleased to be able to provide summer programming to the children we serve thanks to the generosity of the Wade World’s Foundation.”

Now, I know that a lot of kids would like to relax and do nothing on their summer vacation, but this is such an amazing opportunity! I would definitely want my child to be a part of something like this. I’m sure that the students chosen will learn and grow so much during the program. Kudos to Dwyane and his foundation for putting this together!

You can learn more about the Live to Dream Summer Reading Program and programs from the Wade World’s Foundation on their official website!

Image via Black Celebrity Giving

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