Russell Westbrook Donates Car To Single Mother


NBA player Russell Westbrook made a great donation to a family in need this week!

According to The YBF,  the 2015 All-Star Game MVP gave a brand new KIA to single mother Kerstin Gonzales! The Oklahoma City Thunder player had won the car when he was named the All-Star Game MVP back in February. After winning, he made the decision to give the car to someone who could use it more than him. He apparently reached out to Sunbeam Family Services in Oklahoma City to find out who could really use a mode of transportation, and was given Kerstin’s name!

 “Today was a good stepping stone to show her everything is going to be all right,” Russell tweeted under the OKC Thunder Twitter handle. “All the hard work she’s done to keep her family together…I just want to be able to help others any way I can.” That was so great of him. Again, what may not seem like much to others can make a great difference in the daily lives of others. I’m sure that Kerstin and her family are so appreciative of Russell’s gift. 

You can check out video of the great moment here

Image via Oklahoma City Thunder/Twitter

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