Kim Kardashian, Lena Dunham and More Featured in Variety for Charity Work


Kim Kardashian, Lena Dunham, and more are being featured in Variety‘s 2015 Power of Women New York issue for their charitable contributions!

Kim and Lena, along with Whoopi Goldberg, Rachel Weisz and Glenn Close, all have their own individual covers for the issue, and spoke to the mag about their causes.

Kim became active in visiting patients at the Children’s Hospital after losing her father, Robert Kardashian, to cancer in 2003. Sometimes she goes alone, or brings husband Kanye West or her sisters, often bringing little gifts and taking time to chat, all to try boost these kids’ spirits. “I remember what it was like when my dad was going through it,” she told Variety. “You see the kids that are so strong. They feel so helpless. You want to do anything to help them.”

Lena herself has recently become involved with a non-profit that helps victims of commercial sexual exploitation in New York. “What attracted me so much to the cause is that I’m a feminist and I’m a sexual assault survivor,” she explained. “I felt that it was important to me to not just call attention to the circumstances (around) which I was assaulted on a college campus, but also to call attention to sexual-abuse survivors who have far less of a public voice.”


In addition to Kim and Lena, the other three women featured are doing amazing things as well. Rachel, focusing on education, chose to support the Opportunity Network to help others who can’t afford to go to college. Whoopi serves as an honor chair of Figure Skating in Harlem, a nonprofit that helps young girls learn leadership and academic skills through the sport. Glenn, whose sister Jessie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and son Calon with schizoaffective disorder, centers her attention around bring awareness and breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness . She began volunteering at the New York recovery center Fountain House, and in 2010 started the nonprofit Bring Change 2 Mind to raise awareness.

This is so powerful to see these strong women giving of their time and using their platforms to give back to these causes! I salute them for their work.

You will be able to read more from these women in the April 21 issue of Variety.

Images via Williams+Hirakawa / Variety

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