14th Annual Waiting for Wishes Reaches Over $1 Million In Monies Raised (PHOTOS)

Many people came out for the 14th Annual Waiting For Wishes event which featured celebrities working as waiters for a fundraising meal and auction. What a cool concept! Wouldn’t you like to be waited on and served an awesome meal by your favorite celebrity? Yes, please!

Via Kevin Carter’s Waiting for Wishes Celebrity Waiter’s Dinner Facebook page, “Just a few of the hundreds of photos taken last night during the 14th Annual Waiting for Wishes Celebrity Waiters Dinner and After-Party. We are so honored by the support and love this community continues to show us! Thank you to Vic Campbell and HCA/TriStar, Bob Smith with PAR and Tom & Amy Buckley with Aston Martin for their sponsorship and support!”

He added, “I want to also thank my co-host Jay DeMarcus and all our celebrity friends that continue to come out and support us. Check back for many more pics and updates from the event! Thank you Nashville! We’ve now raised $1.8 million for charity since 2002! My heart is so touched by the blessings of this event”!

Which celebrity would you like to wait on you?

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