Will Smith: “I Learned Very Young to Attack Fear”

The Mid interviewed Will Smith about his new film, Focus, and he got surprisingly candid about his insecurities and surprising bad habits around the house. He also opened up about giving his kids total responsibility when it comes to their own careers.

Via The Mid:

Being a part of Hollywood must make you no stranger to con men. Are you kidding? I’m an actor. Everybody is running a con. There are certain things that people want and they’re going to do the things they need to do to get them. All right? They’re gonna wear the clothes and say things they need to say. Everybody is trying to get what they want. At the heart of human interaction is a daily con.

How do you conquer your insecurities? I think I learned very young to attack fear. There are tons of things that I’m scared of. It’s frustrating to me when I’m scared of something, so I’m forced to go and attack it. It’s been helpful, but it’s been painful.

Your son Jaden and daughter Willow are following in your footsteps and pursuing their own acting careers. What advice are you giving them? My great-grandmother used to say, “Bought sense is better than that you borrow.” I always took that as doing it yourself. Earning that lump on your head is always better than listening to someone else about the lump they got on their head. Jada and I like to give our kids complete responsibility. Outside of life or death, we like to give them their own choices and put the responsibility of their lives on to them as much as they can handle it.

Do you have any bad habits you’d like to change? I have that artist’s mind, so I never know where my keys are, where my wallet is, and I don’t really care a lot about clothes. I take my clothes off and drop them. I don’t clean up stuff. I’m always trying to create something, and I need my creative state to be kind of cluttered.

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