Chance The Rapper and Ludacris Join Internet Essentials for Get Schooled, Get Connected Spring Challenge


Chance the Rapper and Ludacris collaborated with Internet Essentials and other Chicago leaders at Alcott College Prep for the popular Get Schooled, Get Connected Spring Challenge!

The challenge, according to PR Newswire, was created to help students within the Chicago public school system prepare for college. Throughout the challenge, over 112,000 students will be able to access free educational tools, resources and games, which include information about topics ranging from how to succeed in school and plan for your education to how to apply for college and financial aid resources. Students will be able to get this information inside and outside of school.
“Data from the Get Schooled, Get Connected Fall Challenge shows the content not only holds students’ interest, but the platform also engages and educates them about college opportunities,” Alcott College Prep assistant principal Grace Moody said. “The challenge is a great tool for CPS students who want to go to college and for educators who want to help them advance.”

Internet Essentials is supporting students participating in the spring challenge by providing affordable Internet service. Eligible students and their families may receive Internet service at home for $9.95 per month plus tax, along with an Internet-ready computer for $150 and access to free digital literacy training. Chance and Ludacris came out to show support, and get kids signed up for this great service.

“Having home Internet access can transform a young person’s life, because it opens an entire world to special programs like the Get Schooled, Get Connected Challenge,” said Chance, who was a recipient of Chicago’s 2014 Outstanding Youth of the Year award for his community service work. “One student and one family at a time, this program will help close the digital divide by engaging and educating students throughout Chicago.”

“Students need Internet access to succeed in school, and families need it to succeed economically,” Ludacris added. “I went to high school in this area, so I know first-hand how important it is for students and families to have Internet access at home.”

This is definitely a huge deal! Having Internet access outside of school will allow these young students to learn and grow beyond the classroom. It’s great that Chance and Ludacris were able to be a part!

Image via PR Newswire

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