Nicole Scherzinger Connects with Children in Manila with UNICEF


Nicole Scherzinger, a UNICEF UK supporter, shared photos of her day with the organization in Manila, meeting children and families struggling with poverty.

“I’m part Filipina so I have a strong connection with the country and feel I have a responsibility to do what I can and bring awareness to the dangers that Filipino children face everyday. It’s been so humbling to meet incredible, inspiring Filipino children who are living in really tough conditions.” the singer said.

According to Look to the Stars, Nicole met up with families throughout the day who live and work in Baseco Compound, which is near the main port in Manila. Many of them struggle to eat and stay healthy many of who are struggling to get enough food and stay healthy. In the afternoon, she met kids, singing and dancing with them, while teaching them about their rights and efforts to keep them off the streets.

“Simple things like going to school and learning about their rights is so important, not only in terms of changing their lives but it also keeps them safe and off the streets,” Nicole said. “There are thousands of kids in Manila who are living in heartbreaking conditions but it’s amazing to see how UNICEF and their partners are trying to do more to protect children in danger.”

What a beautiful and inspiring effort by Nicole and UNICEF!

Image via Nicole Scherzinger/Facebook

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