Katherine Webb: “I will never support people bullying other people about their bodies”


Via Extra TV:

Katherine Webb is defending her body after critics called her too thin. The model and former Miss Alabama speaking only to “Extra’s” Mario Lopez, explaining the backlash after she posted a photo of herself in a black bikini. “I started getting in shape and working out… and the response was just disgusting.”

Webb revealing some of the social media comments attacking her look, “Anorexic, disgusting, you need to eat a hamburger, eat a donut, what happened, I’ve seen hotter, you look ugly, terrible comments.” Those terrible comments striking a chord, “This is a topic that is very sensitive to me because I had self esteem issues growing up, I was always the tall, awkward lanky girl and so it’s very important to me that people not bully each other about their appearance or their bodies.”

Katherine proclaiming, “I will never support people bullying other people about their bodies.” Instead supporting all women not just women who are told they are too skinny, “Women that are bullied because of their weight whether they are 150 to 200 pounds or 110 to 112 it doesn’t matter. Her message, “Celebrate all bodies and so you know bullying needs to stop…I know it’s extremely difficult for that to happen especially on the internet, that’s just something I’m very passionate about and I wanted to point it out that it’s not ok.”

Speak on it girl!

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