Gabourey Sidibe helps “Kickstart” her Mom’s Debut Album with Dinner Reward


Age can’t stop this woman! Sixty-two year old subway diva and America’s Got Talent finalist, Alice Tan Ridley, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete her debut album, “Never Lost My Way.”
For 25 years, Alice has been busking in NYC subway stations – a ride that has taken her to perform all over the United States and abroad. Her voice has been featured on TV as part of the Buick campaign featuring Flo Rida’s song “Good Feeling” and she has toured with her own 7-piece band in concert halls and performing arts centers around the country and with the legendary Cab Calloway Orchestra.

Even though Ridley has made it to the national spotlight with her performance of the Etta James classic, “At Last,” at the America’s Got Talent auditions, amassing millions of fans from around the globe, she has never been offered a record deal. Now, at the age of 62, she is ready to take her sound from the subway tracks to the studio.

Singing in the subways was a means to provide for her two children as a single mother. Now, Alice is working to finally realize her own dream of releasing a studio album of her soulful originals and classic renditions. With the help of her family and fans from the U.S. and around the world who will be willing to pledge to her Kickstarter campaign, Alice’s dream is back on track to being realized.

As Alice explained, “You are never too young to reach your dreams, even at my young age of 62.”

This album is a personal experience for Alice, as all of the original songs were co-written by her and have a special place in her heart. Since the making of this album is close to Alice’s heart, her daughter, Gabourey Sidibe of critical acclaim for her roles in Precious and Empire!, is taking part in a special dinner for fans who pledge $1,500 through the Kickstarter campaign.

This special dinner will be an intimate affair in a secret location in New York City, with Alice, Gabourey, and a total of five fans; a night of good food, good music, and fun memories.

As Gabourey explained on Twitter, “So proud and inspired by my talented MOM with guns of steel and a voice of an Angel. Never give up on your dreams!”

For Alice’s fans who have always wished to perform alongside her, Alice is offering a $350 reward of karaoke fun with up to four friends for 45 minutes.

Get onboard and make a pledge on Alice’s Kickstarter campaign HERE!

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  1. Good for her! I admire her for following her dream and not letting age be a deterrent. I had no idea she had a famous daughter!

  2. That seems strange not to get a record deal given that she has that many fans and that kind of popularity . I wish her luck and hope we are able to see her get her dream in the very near future.

  3. I very much agree with Alice that you are never young to reach your dreams. She is really talented & it is great she uses the Kick-starter idea to raise money for her debut album. Good luck for her.

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