David Beckham Launches New UNICEF Fund



David Beckham is launching a new fund within international children’s charity UNICEF!

In his 10th year as a Goodwill Ambassador for the charity, David has announced that he is launching 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund. According to PEOPLE, this fund will raise money and awareness for “vulnerable children by focusing on seven different countries and seven different initiatives.” The name is in honor of David’s own lucky number on his shirts, as well as for his daughter, Harper Beckham, whose middle name is Seven.

“My 22-year career in football has opened doors,” David said of the initiative . “I can go to certain countries and ask to meet the prime minister – they might not want to meet me, but their children might.” He discussed his recent trip to the Philippines, speaking emotionally about the tragic scenes left over from the typhoons that had hit the area. “It was so raw,” David admitted. “The grief was horrendous, the hurt and the pain were devastating, but being there, being able to help, putting a smile on a child’s face, bringing positivity, that’s important.”

The cool part is that David also plans to involve his children. “Brooklyn only said to me on the school run this morning, ‘I want to go on a trip, when can I go?’ So they understand and respect it,” he said.  The athlete added, “I’m proud to tell them what I’m doing, and I think it makes them proud as well.”

I love how actively involved David is in charitable work!

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