Angelina Jolie Supports Launch of New UK Centre on Women, Peace and Security


Angelina Jolie has joined with the London School of Economics and Political Science to launch the UK’s first academic Centre on Women, Peace and Security!

Along with First Secretary of State William Hague, Angelina, who serves as UNHCR Special Envoy, announced that the center will “focus on the participation of women in conflict-related processes and on enhancing accountability and ending impunity for rape and sexual violence in war,” according to Look To The Stars. It will support the mission of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI), which was co-founded in 2012 by Angelina and Hague. It will bring academic expertise to discuss preventing crimes of sexual violence, holding assaulters accountable for their actions, and protecting the rights of survivors.


Hague said, “By founding this Centre, LSE is setting an impressive example to other universities in the UK and around the world. I’m delighted that as we take forward the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative we’ll be able to work with the UK’s first academic centre on Women, Peace and Security at the LSE, providing the ideas and rigorous academic understanding needed to expand equal rights, equal freedom and equal opportunity for women everywhere.”

“I am excited at the thought of all the students in years to come who will study in this new Centre,” Angelina added. “There is no stable future for a world in which crimes committed against women go unpunished. We need the next generation of educated youth with inquisitive minds and fresh energy, who are willing not only to sit in the classroom but to go out into the field and the courtrooms and to make a decisive difference.”

What a great idea! It’s awesome to have people come together and learn about this very serious issue, and actually use their knowledge to make a difference in this world. Sexual violence is a problem all over the world, and whatever can be done to help prevent some of these cases is very commendable. Sounds like it will be an amazing program. Kudos to Angelina and her team!

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