Wayne Brady Delivers Speech At Clinton Foundation Health Matters Summit

Earlier this week, Wayne Brady spoke at the fourth annual Health Matters Activation Summit hosted by the Clinton Foundation

Wayne openly discussed his battle with depression, expressing the importance of everyone working on their overall health-physical, mental, and emotional, particularly men.

Many involved in healthcare, public policy, veterans affairs, business, education, and professional sports came out to talk about strategies to improve health in the United States. According to Look To The Stars, topics included universal access to sport and physical activity for youth, behavioral health in primary care, solutions for health communities, and connectivity in healthcare.

“Through Health Matters, we are committed to empowering people to change their lives and communities to change their own futures by employing the best available technique – creating partnerships among diverse stakeholders,” said President Bill Clinton. “At this year’s Health Matters Activation Summit, we announced strategic partnerships that make lifesaving drugs more available, encourage physical activity for youth, and inspire innovation in the health field.”

Sounds like a great and well-needed summit!

Image via themagazine

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