Singer Jason Mraz Turns Farmer


In the January/February issue of EatingWell magazine, Jason opens up about his journey from a young musician downing fast food and smoking cigarettes to a proud farmer eating a “mostly” vegan diet (he still enjoys the occasional egg from his chickens), and happily discussing his favorite variety of kale and efforts to get his avocadoes certified organic.

On his healthy lifestyle transformation and how touring with the Rolling Stones inspired him to get healthy: “I’d been surfing a lot, and I felt kind of ridiculous smoking a cigarette after. I said, ‘I’m gonna just cut these out.’ And so then the energy picks up. I start running, I start doing more exercise.”

On trying a vegetarian diet after a bandmate was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes: “We decided to bring a chef out on [our 2008 world] tour with us for 30 days and go vegetarian and raw to see what would happen. And I mean, a dramatic transformation. Not just in weight loss, but in overall health and energy. And then no trace of diabetes.”

On learning to love avocadoes: “The first time I was served a big chunk of avocado on my salad, I didn’t know what to do with it. Now I’m among them all the time, experimenting with them, making meals and adding spices and whatnot. You know, your palate evolves.

On working on his vegetable garden: “It’s a real problem because I’m out here sometimes until midnight just geeking out and loving it.”

On moving to his San Diego ranch in 2004: “[It’s] a place to be isolated when you have a crazy life.”

On the best kale for kale chips: “The lacinato kale, a sort of classic curly cat, is my favorite.”

To learn more about Jason, including his recipes for Guacamole, Avocado Green Smoothie and “Chocomole” Pudding, pick up the January/February issue of EatingWell, on newsstands now.

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