Shakira Holds World Baby Shower for UNICEF


Shakira and her boyfriend, FC Barcelona soccer player Gerard Piqué are celebrating their unborn child by giving back! The couple has expanded their original idea of a ‘World Baby Shower’ to give back to UNICEF and vulnerable children around the world.

After holding a UNICEF baby shower for their first son, Milan, Shakira and Gerard have created a shareable shower available for any and all expectant mothers in the hopes of giving a greater purpose to other baby showers and helping those babies and mothers who need it most. “Now that we are soon welcoming our second child, we want to help other children around the world and also contribute to a long-lasting solution for getting children living in extreme poverty the supplies they need to survive,” said Shakira. She also added: “We also want other parents to feel compelled to do the same. With the explosion of social media, celebrities aren’t the only ones who have platforms that can reach mass audiences, and we want this movement to keep going long after our baby shower has ended, so we want to invite them to host their own baby showers with UNICEF as well.”

According to Look To The Stars, fans of the couple will be invited to share in their event by visiting a special website featuring ‘Inspired Gifts’ that give back to UNICEF’s work for children in some of the poorest parts on the planet. They can then donate to learn more and purchase and Inspired Gift for the baby shower. Gifts included midwife kits with medical equipment for safe delivery of 50 babies, measles and polio vaccines, blankets, and baby scales. Other gifts include a soccer ball and a storybook. On Shakira’s Twitter profile, fans will also be able to purchase a special thank-you card from Shakira and Gerard. Every card bought will unlock funds for measles vaccines.

This is incredibly giving and selfless of Shakira and Gerard!

Image via Hello Magazine


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