Prince Harry Takes On New Role to Assist Wounded Soldiers


Prince Harry has taken on a new role in the British army, providing care for injured servicemen and women.

According to PEOPLE, the prince, who is known as Captain Wales in his position, is now working to help sick and wounded military personal either return to their military roles or find great employment and care as civilians.  Each wounded soldier has an individual plan based around medical care, as well as housing and employment issues, to get them back up on their feet. Apparently, Prince Harry will carry out the role for the next several months.

This news comes almost a year after Prince Harry first launched the international Paralympic-style Invictus Games. “It is a natural progression, following on from the Games,” a source at his Kensington Palace office said to PEOPLE. “This is something he is both committed to and is passionate about in both his army job and his public royal role.” The source added: “This is something he will always have an interest in regardless of what job he has. But he has a chance at the moment to use his military job to get a better understanding and experience of the process and help put procedures in place to help those who have been wounded.”

It’s so nice to see him so involved. As a royal, he could very easily stay behind the scenes, make some appearances, and call it a day. To see him actually getting involved, especially within the military, is awesome!

Image via Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty

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