China Anne McClain Supports Love Letters Campaign for Seniors


Actress/singer China Anne McClain is teaming up with and AARP Foundation’s Mentor Up program to spread love to seniors this Valentine’s Day.

The young actress will support the second annual Love Letters campaign which encourages young people to make Valentine’s Day cards for the elderly! These handmade cards will be included in meal deliveries to Meals on Wheels clients across the country.“I was interested in being involved as soon as I heard about the Love Letters campaign because the concept was so sweet and original,” China said. “I love doing things like this and making people smile so I thought the idea was just perfect.”

The campaign lasts through February 15 and young people who sign up at, and post a photo on the site will be eligible to win a $10,000 scholarship! “Last year, members made over a quarter of a million Valentine’s Day cards for homebound seniors,” said Naomi Hirabayashi, chief marketing officer at “By combining social change with things that young people love like Valentine’s Day and crafts, young people are able to make a huge impact and use their skills.”

“I cannot begin to express the immense impact of the Love Letters campaign on the seniors we serve,” said Ellie Hollander, President and CEO of the Meals On Wheels Association of America. “Together, the nationwide network of Meals On Wheels programs and thoughtful volunteers can lift the spirits of thousands of isolated seniors again this year.”

This is a really beautiful idea. There are many seniors out there that are alone, and sending them a little love like this is sure to boost their spirits! It’s so great that China is going to be a part of the campaign. Check out the official Love Letters PSA below!


  1. As someone working with seniors every day, I think this is amazing! They would really appreciate this little act of kindness. For some, it’d make their whole week getting a little card from someone 🙂

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