7 Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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I can honestly say that I do not think I have EVER lasted a whole year keeping up on my New Year’s resolutions. But what I can tell you is although I have stopped, I didn’t completely give up because I didn’t succeed.

Here are 7 ways you can continue to pursue your New Year’s resolutions.

1. Be Realistic

First of all, you need to make sure your goal is realistic and can be achieved.  Make an attainable goal, people!   For me to say I am NEVER going to get pizza again is pretty unattainable, considering it is my favorite food. A more reasonable goal would be to limit eating pizza to once a month rather than once a week. Hey now, don’t judge me! I lurrrrve myself some pizza.

2. Plan Ahead

Your New Year’s resolution shouldn’t be made on New Year’s Eve. Don’t wait until the last minute. You should definitely start thinking about the changes you want to make awhile before the New Year strikes.

3. Have A Plan

There are going to be temptations along the way, so you need to know how you are going to deal with those temptations. Practice positive thinking or self-talk! Have a friend you can call for help!

4. Reward Yourself

If you have been sticking to your exercise program or promise to eat better, reward yourself maybe with a new workout outfit or a night out at the movies with a friend…NOT half of a cake and ice cream.

5. Track Your Progress

Keep track of every success, even if it is a small goal. Every little positive step towards your goal is a success! Your ultimate goal may be to lose 40 pounds, but start out with losing the first five pounds in a month, or one pound a week. Keep a food journal to help you stay on track, and reward yourself for each five pounds lost. I used my LG L90 Walmart Family Mobile phone to download health apps to help me reach my fitness goals that I found at Walmart.


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6. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Along the way you may slip up. It happens. Do the best you can each day, and take one day at a time.

7. Keep Trying

If you have totally run out of steam when it comes to keeping your resolution by mid-February, don’t get all down on yourself. Simply start over again! Recommit yourself for 24 hours. The 24-hour increments will soon build on each other and, before you know it, you will be back on track. You can do it!

What is one of your New Year’s resolutions and how will you stay on track in accomplishing your resolution?


  1. These are all very good tips or keeping your goals and resolutions. For me, I don’t make so I’m not disappointed. I work hard at things naturally that I want, no goal is really needed because I always end up reaching them – if I don’t resolve too. lol

  2. I don’t make any resolutions. I probably wouldn’t do them even if I made them.
    Kudos to you if you make them and are able to stick with it.

  3. I think being realistic and keeping track are my two favorite tips. It’s important to realize what we can do with our time and staying organized can help us achieve new goals.

  4. I haven’t made a new years resolution in a long time. They were never really well thought out or planned, I think. Not enough commitment and all that stuff. I just make small goals throughout the year as needed, and work hard on those. Thanks! Great tips.

  5. I definitely believe in keeping goals realistic. In the past I would tend to get a little too resolution happy so I’ve scaled back to small goals instead of large ones. #client

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