DO GOOD EXCLUSIVE: Orange Is The New Black’s Vicky Jeudy Reveals Role Model, Talks OITNB Set And “Staying In Your Lane”


You may know her as Orange Is The New Black’s Janea Watson, a former high school track star, who after one wrong turn becomes an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary. The real woman behind Janea’s character is far from rude and standoffish. Meet former beauty pageant contestant and actress…the Gorgeous (with a capital “G”!), fabulous and talented Vicky Jeudy. Check out our exclusive interview with Orange Is The New Black actress Vicky Jeudy below.



DD: Well congratulations on an unbelievable hit show. Wowsers! I recently spoke with Alysia Reiner, aka Fig about a few things recently and she is amazed at the love that OITNB is receiving. What is your take on the show’s success?

Vicky Jeudy: Thank you for the love Danity! I love being part of an incredible show that is built on the lives of diverse women. It’s very humbling and the audience have been nothing but supportive and loyal.

DD: What attracted you most about this script? And did you originally audition for the part of Janae?

Vicky: Yes, I did originally audition for my character Janae Watson. I was given the sides when I auditioned so I had no idea what I was getting into. I knew Jenji Kohan was the creator so I would be in great hands and was excited to work with her.

DD: I know Janae is a character with many layers. Do you see any qualities of yourself in her?

Vicky: I do see similarities with Janae and I. We are both health conscious, activists and good girls at heart.

DD: How did you prepare for this role?

Vicky: I did research on prison life by watching documentaries, reading various articles and interviewing ex prisoners who were sent to solitary confinement.

DD: I am sure you guys have a blast on set and there’s nothing but love there. Are there any castmates that you were drawn to, that you hang out with off set?

Vicky: I am building great friendships with my cast mates and I’m very grateful for them. There are so many that I can’t pick one.

DD: I heard that you don’t get your scripts until a week or so before you film. Isn’t that kind of short notice?

Vicky: LOL…I believe that is more than enough time! As actors you can get an audition the day of and have to do your best. It’s part of the business.


DD: Obviously we LOVE celebrities that do good and I heard that you do some work mentoring teens. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Vicky: I love the youth! Do you remember when you were a teenager? It’s stressful and every incident is a life or death emotional roller coaster. Your faced with peer pressure, finding your identity, experiencing love, working your first job, making important decisions, etc. My purpose is to walk along the youth and encourage and motivate them to develop self confidence and self respect. Nothing makes me happier! I volunteered with various organizations for example: Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Young Lives, Girls Ministry with a local church. and I did mentoring while in college.

DD: Are there any other organizations that are close to your heart or causes that you are working with or would like to work with in the future?

Vicky: I have a passion for health and fitness. Michelle Obama is my role model and I would love to work with her in overcoming obesity in America.

DD: What is one piece of advice or saying that you live by?

Vicky: My advice: STAY IN YOUR LANE! I have a friend that says “when you don’t stay in your lane your car crashes with others”. It’s a metaphor to politely mind your own business.

YES, YES, YES! I’m going to be using that phrase a lot more. Stay In Your Lane, baby!

If you haven’t checked out Orange Is the New Black on Netflix yet, you need to check out Vicky and her crew.


  1. Neat interview! This is one of those shows that I have been meaning to catch. I see a Netflix marathon in my near future!

  2. “Stay in your lane” has always been a mantra of mine, it’s nice to see others use it. I think she is a very beautiful actress and this article just might make me catch an episode of OITNB.

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