Demi Lovato Talks Happiness, Mental Illness And Balance In Dec / Jan Issue of Unite4:Good Magazine


Singer Demi Lovato covers the second issue of Unite4:Good Magazine looking fresh-faced, healthy and happy.

The world-famous pop-star shines a light on the Lovato Treatment Scholarship, and one of the biggest challenges facing the next generation: currently one in four adults suffers from a mental illness.

The 22-year-old entertainer opened up to Unite4:Good Magazine about her life philosophies. Check out the highlights from the interview below:

On happiness: “I think there’s so much pressure on everyone to be happy. What we should strive for is serenity.”

On mental illness: The problem is that people look at it as if it’s not a real illness… You have to realize that the brain is an important organ, too.”

On balance: “It means so much to me that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter what I’m doing or where I am. It feels really freeing to know that it’s doable; I can live a happy life.”

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