David Cook And Fans Raise $1 Million for Brain Cancer Research


American Idol winner and singer David Cook has joined up with his own fans to raise money for brain cancer research, and, in their efforts, have collected $1 million!

According to PR Newswire, David has been working with his fans to raise this money since 2009  through various events like the Race for Hope DC, raising $930,000 by November of this year. In November, David set a goal to raise the remaining $70,000 to give to Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2), and the goal was officially met this month! “Raising a million dollars for brain cancer research is quite an accomplishment,” said Max Wallace, CEO of ABC2. “David and his fans are making a big impact.”

David has been an advocate of brain cancer research since his brother Adam succumbed to the disease. “It’s one of my proudest life experiences to be involved in this fight,” David said. “The way the fans have galvanized around this cause has been huge.” The singer and his fans will continue to raise money in their next group event, the 2015 Race for Hope on May 3, 2015 in Washington, DC, which benefits Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and the National Brain Tumor Society.

What an awesome movement! To join together with your supporters for a great cause like this, and raise this much money is certainly an admirable achievement. Congrats to David and his fans, and good luck with future fundraising efforts!

Image via Billboard

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