Clare Bowen Visits The Troops with USO for the Holidays


Clare Bowen, star of ABC’s hit show Nashville, was spotted volunteering with the USO for this holiday season, going to Tinker Air Force Base to perform a concert for the troops!

Clare expressed her gratefulness to the troops and their families for their continued sacrifice and commitment to keep this nation safe.  “I feel so privileged to volunteer with the USO and to have the opportunity to give back, and say thank you to America’s troops and military families,” the actress said. “Being from Australia, I know what it is like to be far away from your family and friends over the holidays. It really is tough and if I can help ease that feeling in some small way, count me in anytime.”

Clare’s concert was a part of the USO “Every Moment Counts” campaign, which is dedicated to creating memorable moments for our troops and their families at this holiday season. So glad to see Clare be a part!

Image via USO

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