Katy Perry Donates Meet-and-Greet to Veterans Matter


Not only is Katy Perry busy on her Prismatic tour, she is also busy giving back.

Perry recently helped 22 homeless veterans in Michigan and Texas get into permanent housing, according to a press release from Veterans Matter, a national program that works with HUD and the VA to house homeless veteran.

What was really awesome was the group Veterans Matter auctioned off a Katy Perry Prismatic Tour concert package and the winner, Scott Vaughn of Oakton, VA was the superstar’s VIP guest. But it wasn’t a big deal for Perry!

“Thank you so much for helping Veterans Matter, it is so important that we help those who fought for our freedom,” Perry told Vaughn, via the same release.

Katy Perry, we salute you!


  1. I love to see that she is giving back and especially that she is helping the veterans. She is one of the few artists that I actually know her name and some of her songs!

  2. The Sad thing is Vetern’s shouldn’t ever be homeless. at least someone is trying to help even if it was only 22 veterns out of the millions the goverment just spits to the curb when they are finsihed with them. Good for Katy Parry. I live in Michigan and I see oh so many veterns iti’s so sad they go though all kinds of medical issues and post tramtic stress on top of what ever else being homeless shouldn’t be something they ever have to face. Such a hot topic button right now that needs way more attention.

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