Taylor Swift Serenades Young Fan In Hospital (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift is once again showing her angelic side. Does she get any sweeter, really? While a lot of celebrities choose to spend their free time (especially summers) partying it up on the beaches, Taylor is spending her free time visiting sick children.

We got our hands on a video of Swift hanging out with and visiting young cancer patient Jordan Lee Nickerson at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

You have to see this video! It was posted on Facebook by Jordan’s parents on Sunday and it is the cutest thing. Taylor is seen sitting on the floor talking with Jordan Spider Man and his favorite songs. Then she offers to play her guitar for him. So she strums “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and Jordan chimes in for the chorus and starts dancing.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, six year old Jordan suffers from a rare genetic condition known as Williams Syndrome and is currently being treated for Leukemia.

Check out the video above. Whether you like Taylor’s music or not, this video will make you smile.


  1. Awwww! That is so sweet. I took my daughter to a Justn Bieber (I know. I know… she’s a huge fan! I couldn’t tell her no!) concern last year and a little fan of his had passed away and he had put up pictures of her and sang one of his songs to her (no idea of the song) but I thought that was super sweet.

  2. Each time I read something about Taylor Swift, I like her even more. I hope she keeps up that attitude for a long long time. We need more role models like her in Hollywood!

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