Robin Williams Sent Touching Message To Ailing New Zealand Woman Before He Died (VIDEO)


So many people in this world adored Robin Williams and were left devastated after hearing of his death. And now we are hearing so many awesome stories about the actor that will forever be in our hearts.

A young woman in New Zealand battling terminal cancer is sharing her experience she had with Robin Williams as he helped cross off a bucket list item after her cancer diagnosis in January. According to New Zealand’s Sunday Star-Times, one of Vivian Waller’s wishes was to meet the comedian.

However, because she became too sick to travel to the US, a friend of hers reached out to Williams, who recorded a short but sweet video message to Waller.

In a New Zealand accent, Robin said, “Hi Vivian, it’s Robin Williams here saying, ‘Hey girl what’s going on down there in New Zealand.'”

“I’m sending all my love to you, Jack and Sophie,” the comedian added, referring to Waller’s husband and 1-year-old daughter. “Knock this off your bucket list.”

Williams then did a Matthew McConaughey impression: “I said, hey, hey, hey, what’s goin’ on, what’s goin’ on, it’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right. I’m just channeling Matthew McConaughey.”

He signed off with “much love to you baby,” blowing Waller a kiss.

Waller’s husband, Jack, said his failing wife is thrilled with the video, and that he hasn’t had the heart to tell her that Williams committed suicide.

“We are just enjoying the time we have together,” he said. “We take things a day at a time.”
He said he wanted to share Williams’ personal message because “we love him, we want to show people how awesome a person he was.”

You can check out the sweet video Robin Williams made for Vivian Weller below.

Isn’t it amazing?

We miss you so much Robin Williams.


  1. I think Robin William’s death was the first time I was ever truly sad about a celebrity’s passing. It’s so sad that he thought he didn’t have any alternative but to take his own life.

  2. This breaks my heart. Depression is so serious and he is proof that appearances are deceiving. He was my favorite actor and it breaks my heart every time I see those beautiful blue eyes and know he’s not with us anymore. 🙁 May God have mercy on his soul. He was such a wonderful man.

  3. I was so sad to hear that he died. Other than this sweet message, Robin Williams did so much good for the world. He will be missed.

  4. He was just such a great person! I keep hearing all these wonderful stories about him helping others to laugh and smile while in tough situations!

  5. The Bay Area is still mourning his loss. I still want to make it up to the Mrs. Doubtfire home in SF to pay my respects. Such a kind & giving person.

  6. I have always really like Robin but now I really appreciated him even more for the human being that he was. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Such a wonderful thing to do. I always watched Mork and Mindy when i was growing up. It is so sad that he has passed.

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