Kendall Jenner Leaves BIG Tip For West Hollywood Server!


Kendall Jenner has just joined the list of decent celebrity tippers! When it comes to dining out and eating and treating the wait staff right, Jenner puts her money where her mouth is.

Early last week, Kendall went out to eat with Stephen Baldwin and his daughter Hailey at Pearl’s liquor bar in West Hollywood. Not only did she have a big expensive meal, she left the server a big tip!

According to TMZ, Jenner and company racked up a tab of $554 and Kendall paid for everything including the tip, $160 worth!

Now that’s a good night!


  1. Wow, what a lucky server! It’s always nice to hear when celebrities are generous and show their appreciation.

  2. Tipping is so important. I am always surprised when I hear about celebrities who don’t tip- I mean, they have the money, right? Good for Kendall for being so generous.

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