Britney Spears Flies Super Fan To Vegas


We haven’t heard about this until now, but it is definitely worth reporting!

Months ago, a super-fan named Cory Moraw started fundraising so he could fly to Las Vegas and meet one of his favorite artists Britney Spears. Extremely sad for Moraw, he was plagued with MAJOR health issues and may only have a year to live.

And with the help of social media and the power of friends and family (and fellow Britney Spears fans), Moraw’s story caught the attention of Britney!

After Brit caught wind of Moraw’s story, she paid for Cory and his family to fly out to Vegas and enjoy her Piece Of Me show VIP style.

Talk about a true inspiration!


  1. that’s awesome that she did that. I’m sure it the world to him that he not only got to meet her but she took the time to fly him and his family out to see her. love it

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