Rapper Lil’ Mama Opens Up About Losing Her Mother To Cancer


Female rapper LIL’ MAMA makes an appearance on “Just Keke,” the new daily talk show hosted by dynamic actress, singer and activist Keke Palmer on Tuesday, July 8th. Lil’ Mama opens up to Keke about the untimely passing of her mother during her first album release and how her mother continues to inspire her to keep going no matter what.

Lil’ Mama on the Loss of Her Mother

Keke: There’s one thing I really want to talk about. You always talk about your mother and how she was always your number one supporter. I know you have so much love for her. But, what people don’t realize is, when you were coming out with your first album, your mother…she was dying of cancer.

Lil’ Mama: Absolutely.

Keke: What was that like for you, such a big moment almost being over-shadowed by a big loss?

Lil’ Mama: …I always refer to it as being like the highest point in my life and the lowest point in mylife…It’s like, you don’t ever wanna lose a parent, you’re never thinking about that. So for it to be happening at the same time was like, oh my God. I literally had to come off of the tour with Chris Brown and all these guys, Bow Wow and Soulja Boy, Sean Kingston… I was the only girl on the tour. I felt like amazing, but at the same time it was difficult because it was pressure to finish the album, it was pressure to be always on. And you know, that wholetime I’m thinking about my mother’s health, I’m thinking about is she happy?

Keke: …Mama and I are kind of one and the same. I was bullied as a kid and kind of, people didn’t really understand you. I was definitely one of those people that was misunderstood as a kid. But what Mama shared with me that I also have with my mom, is that her mom was, literally the scene that they do at the beginning of “Lip Gloss” was a real life thing that happened. She was like “Mom, they don’t understand me” and this that and the third and she was like “Just be you” and that’s how it all came about. That’s always touched me because I’m very close with my mom as well.

Lil Mama: Yeah, it’s funny you say that because when I look back at that video. Now, it’s like I don’t wanna cry, but it’s like when she says (Lil Mama pauses, tears up and takes a deep breath) I’m always crying, I’m a crier. When she says, “Mama it wasn’t the lip gloss, it was you all along” it really inspires me to just keep going no matter what….


  1. I’ve seen Lil’ Mama in different settings, such as judging that dance show on MTV (America’s Best Dance Crew, I think it was called)…and I would have never thought she was dealing with something like that behind the scenes from her ‘Lip Gloss’ days.

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