Kesha Shares Struggle With Eating Disorder In Hopes Others Will Seek Help


Pop star Kesha has penned a personal essay for Elle UK sharing her two month stint in rehab that she went through earlier this year. It was an emotional journey that Kesha shares in great detail, starting it all out with the day that she checked herself into rehab in January.

In the essay, she says that even though music has been her way to cope with bullying, she found that the industry itself was setting “unrealistic expectations for what a body is supposed to look like.” In actuality, those expectations had to have felt like bullying to her as well.

She added that when she got home from rehab, she became paranoid of the paparazzi and feared leaving her house or even using the Internet.

Kesha also shared what her life was like at a Chicago-area treatment center. She says that she slowly was able to open up in group therapy and make strides towards recovery. Even though she admits that she is not “not fully fixed”, she knows that she is like the rest of us and “a person in progress”.

She has always preached self-love and acceptance, but even after all she has been through she feels it even more her job to spread the message to her fans and followers.

Yay! We are so happy for Kesha!

Check out the essay below.



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