Justin Timberlake Gives Fan With Rare Skin Condition Surprise VIP Treatment


Justin Timberlake just made 12-year-old Robbie Twible a very happy young man.

The Long Island, New York pre-teen experienced VIP treatment during and after a Justin Timberlake concert at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom recently.


Not only was Robbie treated to a surprise limo ride to and from the event but he also received a front row seat to watch the concert. And get this, enough to make any hardcore JT fan scream with excitement, Timberlake even dedicated the last song of the night, “Mirrors,” to Robbie. “It was amazing,” the preteen told the New York Daily News. I bet it was!

According to the NY Daily News, Robbie is living with epidermolysis bullosa, a painful skin disease that causes blistering from minor injury, heat, or scratching, as the Mayo Clinic notes. As there currently is no cure, treatment that prevents complications and eases discomfort is the best way to move forward after diagnosis. It is estimated that about 20 newborns per 1 million live births in the U.S. have the condition.

So why is Robbie one of Justin’s biggest fans?

Well, he wasn’t shy to share his love for the singer. Robbie said, “He can sing, dance and act, and he gives to charity. He’s very talented.”

We love JT too!


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