Rob Lowe Talks Vacation Disaster, Raising Awareness Of Long Term Health For Aging Family Members

Via our friends at Extra TV

Rob Lowe is back on safe ground in New York City today after a terrifying vacation disaster. Rob with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway talking about the moment he and his family knew they needed help as flood waters engulfed their vacation house in Grasse, France.

“When I looked out the bedroom window and saw a BMW car floating by… I knew it was probably time to call the rescue people.” Lowe grateful for the help, “We were very lucky, we got rescued by amazing first responders…We got 12 inches of rain in two hours in the South of France, lot of people lots property.” Rob continued, “It’s amazing how quickly it could all turn…My son and all his high school buddies were on a celebratory Euro trip with us so they got memories they were not planning for that they’re never gonna forget, that’s for sure.”

Rob in NY to team up with Genworth Financial on “Let’s Talk” an initiative aimed at raising awareness about the costs of long term health for aging family members, “Our parents were there for us…We need to figure out how we’re going to be there for them.”


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