Orange Is The New Black’s Laverne Cox Talks Real Life Struggles As A Transgender


Transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox, joined “TakePart Live” co-hosts, Meghan McCain, Jacob Soboroff and special guest host Kim Stolz on Wednesday, June 11th to discuss her groundbreaking role in the hit series “Orange is The New Black,” how her character Sophia parallels her real-life struggles, the view of transgender in the media and her continuing fight for injustice toward the transgender community with the release of her new documentary ‘Free CeCe.’

Laverne recently grabbed national headlines as the first transgender women to appear on the cover of the Time magazine and ignited a new conversation in America. Meghan McCain, an outspoken LGBT supporter and recently appointed to GLAAD’s National Board of Directors, welcomed Cox to “TakePart Live” where she discussed her character Sophia’s family struggles and the similarities with her family “For me and my mom it was a long journey but my mom always wanted me in her life. She had difficulty with pronouns and with getting used to calling me a different name and accepting me as her daughter but eventually she did. It took a lot of difficult conversations but we had those conversations with a lot of love and a lot of empathy. I’m really proud of her and she’s proud of me.”

When asked about the roles of transgender characters on television she quipped, “On Orange, our writers are so brilliant and I think they do a really good job of making Sophia just one of the girls. She has specific issues that relate to her being trans but she deals with the same things that everyone else deals with; she’s incarcerated, she has a family on the outside, she’s negotiating, does she have a relationship with the family, that’s not a trans issue that’s a human issue.”

Love her! She is definitely one of my favorite characters on the OITNB series!

You go girl!


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