Oprah Talks 4th of July and How to Upgrade Your Life


O, The Oprah Magazine’s July issue features some great quotes from Oprah and the books she’s most excited in, how she upgrades her life and her big 4th of July decision.

Oprah on the books she’s currently most excited about:
“I’m most excited about Ayana Mathis and her book The Twelve Tribes of Hattie. I love it – I give it out to more people than any other book. Last Christmas I bought 25-30 copies and gave them to all of my girls. I’m also excited about Sue Monk Kidd’s book The Invention of Wings because I’m getting ready to turn that book into a movie.”

How Oprah upgrades her life:
“I’m on a mission to upgrade my life in every way I can. Every Oprah Show I ever taped, every magazine article I published, every Lifeclass and Super Soul Sunday I’ve done – they all originated with the intention to upgrade. Don’t get me wrong: I feel blessed to have the life I’m living. Several times a day I look around in awe of how someone like me, born in apartheid Mississippi, got to where I am. It’s still a wonder to me. And yet each day I enhance and expand the material goodness and grace I’ve received by connecting to the deeper Presence within everything that’s alive. Throughout the day I find moments to just exhale deeply, then inhale and exhale again, taking the time to notice my breathing. It always gives me a little recharge, a surge of energy that reminds me I’m alive. Here. Now. It’s an upgrade in capital-A awareness.”

On the 4th of July:
“4th of July is always a fun day because it’s a big decision: will I do a cheeseburger, a veggie burger or a hot dog?”

Gotta love Oprah!


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