Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, Anna Kendrick and Harrison Ford Wage Good for Veterans

In honor of D-Day, Got Your 6 reminds us to empower our returning service members with the release of their brand-new PSA.

Join Anne Hathaway, Anna Kendrick, Harrison Ford, Bradley Cooper, Gabourey Sidibe, Martin Sheen, Bette Midler, Sally Field, Jason Sudeikis, Goldie Hawn, and Glenn Close to “Wage Good” and show our nation’s veterans support!

Got Your 6 is a collective impact campaign devoted to changing the conversation around veterans in America. It is not a charity for veterans, but rather a Hollywood-backed movement designed to empower veterans and challenge them to convert their leadership and operational training into positive civilian roles in communities nationwide.

Got Your 6 is a campaign dedicated to bridging the civilian-military divide by advancing the conversation in America, so that veterans and military families are perceived as leaders and civic assets and NOT charity cases.
Got Your 6 combines the reach and resources of the top American entertainment studios, networks, and agencies with the expertise and commitment of 30 expert non-profit organizations who focus on specific areas of veteran reintegration.


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