Paralympian Amy Purdy Inspires Oprah!


Via Extra TV:

Only “Extra’s” Hilaria Baldwin with “Dancing With The Stars” runner up Amy Purdy in New York. Amy may not have won the mirror ball trophy, but she is a winner in Oprah’s eyes. Amy revealing what you didn’t hear from her phone call with Oprah on “DWTS.” “What they didn’t show is our conversation was probably about ten minutes long and in that conversation she said you already won, we’re going to dinner no matter what.” Hilaria asking where they may go, Amy saying, “I don’t know but we’re trying to think of a restaurant to go to…We know of a couple of good ones in Hawaii, we’ll make that a suggestion.”

As for life after “Dancing With The Stars” the Paralympian is sharing her incredible life story in an autobiography. “I have been wanting to write this book for a really long time. The more amazing experiences I’ve had the more I think ok I need to write this book then something comes up after that…I was going to write this book after the Paralympics and then Dancing With The Stars came up, that’s just another chapter to this book, but now I feel like it’s the time.”

She also has a new clothing line with “Element,” “I worked with Element for quite a few years now…They have supported the lifestyle I lived and were inspired by it. We decided to do a clothing line in 2012 and it was kind of a onetime collection, we decided to bring it back as a permanent collection in the line which is great and it comes out in December.”

So awesome!


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