Angelina Jolie Reflects On Her Path To Self-Discovery, Being True To Herself


In a worldwide exclusive, ELLE’s June cover star, Angelina Jolie, opens up about life with Brad, the kids, wedding plans, and starring in Disney’s divinely evil film Maleficent.

Jolie collaborated with Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane and ELLE to shoot her stripped-down, very real self for the issue, working closely with him on the concept. Slimane not only photographed the entire global portfolio, but also custom designed many of the Saint Laurent looks to capture Jolie’s authentic aesthetic and personality. The cover and 16-page portfolio will be featured in more than 20 editions of ELLE around the world.

Jolie spoke candidly with deputy editor Maggie Bullock about her upcoming films—Maleficent opens in the U.S. on May 30th and the WWII epic she directed, Unbroken, is due out at the end of the year—doing only what really matters, and why she and Brad are “more interested in each other” than ever.

The following excerpt offers a sneak preview of their conversation, as Jolie reflects on her path to self-discovery and being true to herself:

On what she used to think her life would be like…
“I never thought I’d have children, I never thought I’d be in love, I never thought I’d meet the right person,” Jolie says. “Having come from a broken home—you kind of accept that certain things feel like a fairy tale, and you just don’t look for them.”

On how her relationship with Pitt has evolved over the past eight years…
“You get together and you’re two individuals and you feel inspired by each other, you challenge each other, you complement each other, drive each other beautifully crazy. After all these years, we have history—and when you have history with somebody, you’re friends in such a very real, deep way that there’s such a comfort, and an ease, and a deep love that comes from having been through quite a lot together.”

On casting her daughter Vivienne in Maleficent and how she and Pitt feel about the kids getting into show business…
For young Aurora, they needed a child who wouldn’t be fazed by the Mistress of All Evil hissing “I don’t like children” in her face. “And my little Vivienne—we call her my shadow, because there’s nothing I can do to shake her. I can be tired, I can be grumpy, I can be in a terrible mood, and she doesn’t care. It’s ‘Mommy, Mommy,’ and she’ll cling to me,” Jolie says. “We knew that she would still do that thing, she’d still smile at me and insist that I pick her up. So we couldn’t really cast anybody else.” Pax and nine-year-old Zahara (or ZZ, as Jolie calls her) also appear in the film, in cameos in the christening/cussing scene. (No Shiloh, however. “I asked Shiloh about being Aurora, and she laughed in my face,” Jolie says, with evident pride. “She said she’d be a horned creature.”) But don’t expect a repeat engagement. “Brad and I made the decision that we wouldn’t keep them from sets and the fun of making movies, but we wouldn’t [glorify it either]—we wouldn’t make it a good thing or a bad thing. But I would really prefer they do something else,” she says. Anyway, “after two days of it, Brad and I were so stressed we never wanted to do it again.”

The full interview can be found exclusively in ELLE’s June issue, available on the digital newsstand now, and on newsstands in select cities starting May 13th, and nationwide on May 20th.


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