Taylor Swift’s Song “Ronan” Generates $100,000 For Cancer Research!


Taylor Swift’s song “Ronan” has officially generated over $100,000 for The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Here’s a little background on the song and I guarantee you, this will touch your soul.

So, Swift was feeling inspired to write the song after she read the Rockstar Ronan blog…written by Maya Thompson about her late son, Ronan. Sadly Ronan died just days shy of his fourth birthday in May 2011 after a battle with neuroblastoma cancer. I know, cancer sucks, right?!!! I will never understand it and to me it is bad enough that people die from it, but children too? It’s not fair.

Taylor went ahead and gave a songwriting credit on “Ronan” to Maya Thompson, since her writings inspired the song. And get this…ALL (not some) of Taylor’s proceeds are going to combat childhood cancer.

For more information on The V Foundation for Cancer Research, check out JimmyV.org.

Check out Taylor Swift’s song Ronan below. Grab a box of tissue. Seriously.


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