Miley Cyrus Defends Fan Taking Pics at Concert, Pulls Her Up on Stage (VIDEO)


Miley Cyrus may be on a roll for eccentric moves in her career, but she should get credit for the good deeds she is doing too. Apparently at a recent concert of hers, a fan was getting in trouble for taking a picture of Miley. Let’s just say that Miley saw the shenanigans going down and went on a rant!

Cyrus pulled the fan up on stage and defended her (albeit with f-bombs). Miley said, “You can’t take a picture at a concert? What the f–k is that about? F–k. Someone just got in trouble for taking a picture of the f–king concert. That’s why you guys paid $1,000 a f–king ticket so you can take a f–king picture of me. F–k!”

If people pay a thousand dollars to see her live, wow. That’s kind of cray but you know, she definitely has a point with the whole photo situation! I love how she pulled the fan up on stage. That was pretty cool.

Check out the video for yourself below.


  1. I totally love how Miley Cyrus defended one of her fans, and in the end it’s just a picture, good for Miley – and even better for that fan!

  2. Miley is still a nice girl under all that forced crazy. Nice for an entertainer to realize people pay a lot to attend their shows and to stand up for her fan.

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